eBay for beginners

Who鈥檚 the course for?
People who have sold on eBay before with little or no success
People who have tried to sell on eBay but have found it too complicated
People who would like to know how to sell on eBay or to gain a basic understanding of how eBay works
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What prior knowledge is needed?
You鈥檒l need to be competent in the windows computer environment
You鈥檒l need to be able to take digital photos and download them onto a computer
Basic internet skills, i.e. able to send and receive email
You鈥檒l need to have a valid credit card so you can sign up for an eBay sellers account

How long is the course?

The course takes 6 hours (including breaks) and is taught in an informal classroom setting. The course can be taught over 1 x 6 hour period or over 2 x 3 hour periods.

What will the course cover?
1. Introduction to eBay
路 History / statistics about eBay
路 eBay鈥檚 rules and policies
路 eBay fees
路 Navigating around eBay

2. Getting started
路 Setting up an eBay account
路 Researching the value of your item
路 Photographing your item
路 Choosing a payment system and delivery method

3. Listing an item
路 Choosing a category and writing an auction listing
路 Using the enhanced listing features
路 Inserting photographs into listing
路 Pricing strategies

4. What to do next
路 Monitoring your auction
路 Answering questions from potential bidders
路 What to do after the auction finishes
路 Collecting payment
路 Leaving feedback

Each student will be provided with a bound work book containing training notes and exercises that can be used for future reference.

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