Going Gone provides a full sales service for businesses looking to clear stock using the local and global marketplace of eBay.

A huge variety of goods sell on eBay and because it attracts a huge market it can attract higher prices for your goods than other channels. It is also a way to clear stock without damaging your brand by selling large of amounts of heavily discounted stock in store.

Depending on the level of involvement you would like in the process, there are a range of options for your business.

1. Going Gone sell your goods for you.
Simply identify the goods you would like sold and either drop them off to us or have us pick them up (a small fee may apply to pickup). We will then take photos, write the ads, answer customer questions, collect payment, ship the product and keep you informed by email every step of the way. This is effortless for your business as it requires no upfront costs, time or expertise on your part. View pickup and drop off location maps>

2. Going Gone helps you set up your own store on eBay.
If you want to maintain a permanent online store without the expense of setting up an ecommerce website, eBay is the perfect channel. It may be to clear excess stock or simply another channel to sell your regular items. You can set up a fully branded store dedicated to selling your products either auctioned or fixed price. We can train your staff on how to manage it, or we can manage it for you – whatever suits your business.

3. We train you on how to do it yourself.
If your business would prefer to manage the selling process in-house, Going Gone also offers consulting and training services from beginners to advanced. Once you know how it’s done, you may choose to set up and manage your own eBay account and manage the selling process yourself. We can help you set up your own eBay store and train your staff on how to manage it, or we can manage it for you.

Getting started
We have found a great way to test and prove the market for your products is to have Going Gone sell a couple of test products for you. That way you can get a clear idea of the prices you can expect to achieve for your products.

Contact us to find out more about selling your excess stock on eBay

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