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Use this calculator to estimate how much cash you’re likely to collect for your item.

Simply enter your starting bid (our standard is $0.99) and your estimated selling price and click “Calculate Fees”
Enter the starting bid price $
Enter the final sale price $
Optional eBay Upgrades
(additional fees apply)
Buy It Now Option $0.10
Gallery Image $0.59
Item Subtitle $0.49
Bold $2.00
Border $2.49
Highlight $3.00
List in Two Categories x 2 Fees
Featured Plus! $19.95
Featured Gallery $14.95
Home Page Featured $49.95
You Receive
Read below for a breakdown of this calculation.
eBay Fees  
eBay Listing Fee
eBay Final Value Fee
Optional eBay Upgrade Fees
Total eBay Fees
Paypal Fees *  
Paypal Acceptance Fee
Paypal Value Fee
Total Paypal Fees
* Paypal fees based on standard 2.4% account rate. Fee only applies when buyer uses paypal.
Going Gone Commission
Total Fees

FREE VALUATION SERVICE: Unsure if your item will sell?
We provide a FREE, no-obligation valuation estimate that can be done at our office, over the phone (02 9212 4465) or in many cases with our online fast
valuation request form.

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