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We’ve all got stuff lying around that we’d prefer to turn into cash. The problem is, by the time you register for an eBay account, take photographs, write ads, upload the info, answer questions, package it all up, post it and chase the money – it can sometimes seem like too much hard work!
Now there’s a dead simple way to clear the clutter and collect the cash:
Give us something you want to sell that’s worth $50 or more
Either drop it off at our drive-through dock in Surry Hills, Sydney (click for easy map), bring it into our office or if you live in the Sydney metropolitan area ask us to pick it up for a small fee. Start selling now>
We sell if for you on eBay
We do it all – take photos, write professional ads, answer customer questions, ship the product and collect payment – you just pocket the cash. You can sit back and watch the auction online to see how many people are bidding and what price it will fetch.
You get paid around 70% or more
As soon as weR 17;ve finalised your sale, we’ll send you an email update and your payment via cheque or direct deposit. See how much cash you get!
FREE VALUATION SERVICE: Unsure if your item will sell?
We provide a FREE, no-obligation valuation estimate that can be done at our office, over the phone (02 9212 4465) or in many cases with our online fast
valuation request form.

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