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How much do I get

You never spend a cent! Unlike classifieds, there are no upfront costs and you get more for your goods than you would at a pawn shop or similar store. Our only fee is a % of the sale price and is charged only once your item is sold. So you risk nothing and pay nothing, even if your item doesn't sell. We just send you the profits!

Our service includes everything you need to sell on eBay. We take photos, write professional ads, a 7-day auction listing on eBay, answer customer questions, collect payment, ship the product to the winning bidder - you just pocket the cash.
Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the selling price:
  30% of final auction value between $1 - $1000
  25% of final auction value between $1001 - $5000
  20% of final auction value over $5000
Sale price You collect (approx)
Please note, you will also be responsible for any eBay listing fees, and Paypal charges.
  A $25.00 fee will be charged for items with a reserve price, Buy it Now, or high minimum bid
  Large or unwieldy items may incur an additional charge to be quoted
  NOTE: We generally only sell items we believe will sell for greater than $50
What if my item does not sell?
You still pay nothing! If your item doesn't sell we try a second time at no cost to you. If it still doesn't sell, you'll need to pick up your item within 2 weeks, or we can arrange for it to be delivered to you (delivery fees apply). Alternatively you can decide to let us donate your item to charity.
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Calculate fees for your item
Use our fee calculator to figure out how much you will receive, and the costs if you choose any additional eBay listing upgrades.

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