How it's done
Why sell with Going Gone
What sort of things sell How much do I get?
Zero hassle - No need for you to sign up and get an eBay account. We take care of the photos, writing the ad, and the packing and shipping.
You never spend a cent! - Our only fee is a % of the sale price and is charged only once your item is sold. So you risk nothing and pay nothing, even if your item doesn't sell. We just send you the profits!
Great prices - with our experience, we know all the inside tips to get the best possible price for your item.
Worldwide market - eBay has a market of more than 114 million registered members all over the world and for many item s, the best money comes from overseas buyers
Safe and secure - you never have to see or deal with your buyer to exchange details, deliver the goods or deal with bad debts
Authorised eBay Assistants - this means we are trusted, regular sellers with at least 97% positive feedback - About the eBay Trading Assistant program
The reliability of a real business - with an office, phone number and staff, you don't have to risk dealing with unknown buyers or sellers
Spring clean and clean up!
Moving house or downsizing?
Turn unwanted gifts into cash
What sort of things can I sell?
Cash for excess inventory
Clear last year's stock
Sell excess equipment
An alternative sales channel
Contact us for details
Turn donated items into money
Run auction fundraisers
We'll make all the arrangements
See our not-for-profit services

We take care of everything. All you need to do is collect the cash!

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